View Full Version : [ubuntu] Reinstalling Windows on a Netbook?

December 30th, 2009, 06:36 PM
Whats going on guys. I have searched for the last 30 minutes and cant seem to find any solution to my problem.

I am going to be selling my Netbook to a friend and she wants Windows XP back on it. Knowing Netbooks they do not have a CD drive and I do not have an External. Basically I am looking to Create a Bootable Flash drive with a WIndows ISO I have and restore the Netbook back to the Windows XP OS for her. How would I go about this?

ALso, as far as a desktop goes I only have a MAC. SO if anyone knows how to create a Bootable FLash Drive with Windows XP on it then that would work to.

Any and all help greatly appreciated.