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December 30th, 2009, 06:17 AM
Hi everyone.

First of all, I would just like to thank everyone who will post and answer (or at least try if some answers fail) my question :) And I am "sorry" for the huge length of the post. I wanted to post every-tiny-bit of info I had, and there was a lot! :P

I became a bit curious about Linux a while ago, but didn't really have the time to go through the partition resizing, and didn't have the time to really get to know Linux, but now I do. So, I went and searched a bit, and found Ubuntu 9.10 - Netbook Remix. Tried to install it different ways, and each time, there is a problem.

Here is my laptop's configuration:

Windows 7 Ultimate
Gateway MX8734,
Processor T2060 Intel Dual Core @1.6Ghz
2 Gb of RAM DDR2 667 Mhz
Video card Intel Mobile 945 Express with 256mb or RAM
Hard Disk Drive of 150 Gb (Technically 160 but meh), Split in 3: 130 Gb on main HDD, 15 Gb on secondary HDD (which is the installation destination for Ubuntu), and a 4 Gb Linux Swap "HDD"

Having said that, here are all the problems I get:

I downloaded the file, then extracted it and tried running the installation from the extracted files this exact way: Opened up "wubi.exe", and here was the options I selected:

Installation drive: E: (14GB free)
Installation size: 7GB
Desktop environment: Ubuntu Netbook Remix
Language: English (US)
Username: Underestimatedkiller
Password: ********* (come on, ain't going to put my real password lol)

And then I pressed Install. Then it pops me this error message:
An error occurred:

Cannot download the metalink and therefore the ISO

For more information, please see the log file:
C:\users\underestimatedkiller\appdata\local\temp\w ubi-9.10ubuntu1-rev160.logI of course went into the log, and it's telling me it was trying to fetch a file on the internet, and the two metalinks were broken. Here is the part of the error message(sorry for the length):
12-30 00:02 DEBUG downloader: downloading http://releases.ubuntu.com/9.10/ubuntu-9.10-netbook-remix-i386.metalink > E:\ubuntu\install
12-30 00:02 ERROR CommonBackend: Cannot download metalink file http://releases.ubuntu.com/9.10/ubuntu-9.10-netbook-remix-i386.metalink err=[Errno 14] HTTP Error 404: Not Found
12-30 00:02 DEBUG downloader: downloading http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-netbook-remix/daily-live/current/karmic-netbook-remix-i386.metalink > E:\ubuntu\install
12-30 00:02 ERROR CommonBackend: Cannot download metalink file2 http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-netbook-remix/daily-live/current/karmic-netbook-remix-i386.metalink err=[Errno 14] HTTP Error 404: Not Found
12-30 00:02 DEBUG TaskList: ### Finished get_metalink
12-30 00:02 ERROR TaskList: Cannot download the metalink and therefore the ISOSo there I got stuck.

After that, I decided to burn it on a CD, and to install it from Windows. Opened up Nero, double-click on the Ubuntu iso file, and then it pops me this error message, with the title "Foreign Image File":
The entered block size does not correspond to the image length. The block size may be wrong. Do you want to correct the value or ignore the problem? Tried to correct it every way possible, it wasn't letting me burn it.
I then tried to burn it with PowerISO directly, worked with no problems, for some reason.
After that, I tried running it from the CD, and it popped me this error message:
No CD detected, cannot run CD menuAnd it won't let me install it.

I then tried to boot from the CD. I then got faced with 6 options, and non were doing anything. There was (if I recall correctly, and not the exact words):

To try Ubuntu without changing my computer
To install Ubuntu on my computer
***Can't recall***
***Can't recall***
Test memory
Boot from main harddrive

The only option that was working was the 6th one, which just booted my Windows 7 OS.

I completely am out of ideas, and I don't know what to do anymore to try to make it work.

If anyone already had any of these problems, and managed to fix it, let me know :)

And, before anyone says something, I do not have a USB drive to try and install it from it, or even on it.

Thanks a lot once again to everyone who will answer me :)