View Full Version : [SOLVED] Slow Flash videos with an ATI Radeon 9500 pro and Ubuntu Karmic 9.10

December 29th, 2009, 05:59 PM
I have a pc with an ATI Radeon 9500 pro and Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic. I have experienced very slow flash videos, very very slow loading of wine programs (the lightest utorrent, office 2003...) and changing gtk2.0 themes. I have found a solution browsing the internet and unfortunately I cannot give the author the right credits at this moment ( I hope to do it soon editing this post). this solution works like a charm for me:

1)run a terminal and type:
sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop
to shut down gnome.
2) log in with your username and password
3)sudo Xorg -configure
to create xorg.conf.new in your home
4)sudo gdm stop
to restart gnome.
5) sudo gedit xorg.conf.new
6)add these lines in Section "Device":
Option "AGPmode" "1"
Option "AccelMethod" "EXA"
Option "MigrationHeuristic" "greedy"
Option "AccelDFS" "true"
Option "EnablePageFlip" "true"
Option "EnableDepthMoves" "true"
7)save as /etc/X11/xorg.conf
8) repeat steps 1 and 4 to restart your gnome.

Happy new year!

January 12th, 2010, 06:37 PM
That worked for me, thanks!

I have a mobility radeon 9600.