View Full Version : Announcing Ubuntu 4.10 "The Warty Warthog Release"

October 20th, 2004, 06:29 PM
=== Announcing Ubuntu 4.10 "The Warty Warthog Release" ===

The warm-hearted Warthogs of the Warty Team are proud to present the
very first release of Ubuntu!

Ubuntu is a new Linux distribution that brings together the extraordinary
breadth of Debian with a fast and easy install, regular releases (every
six months), a tight selection of excellent packages installed by default
and a commitment to security updates with 18 months of security and
technical support for every release.

You get a distribution that is:

* absolutely committed to free software, every end-user application
on the
CD is free software

* 100% free of charge, and the Ubuntu team is committed to keeping
Ubuntu free of charge

* security updates for the distribution at no charge for 18 months
for any release

* updated to the latest desktop and kernel and infrastructure every
six months with a new release

* supports x86, amd64 and ppc processors, with additional ports under

If you've heard all about Ubuntu and just want to get the install CD or
test the Release Candidate Live CD, you can download it here immediately:


If you want a shrinkwrapped CD we will gladly ship it to you at no cost.
To receive a complimentary copy of the Warty Warthog CD -- or a handful
to give to your friends, your school or LUG, register online at:


For more information, you can turn to any of the following resources:

Ubuntu Website: http://www.ubuntulinux.org

The website contains some basic background on Ubuntu, an
overview of the project, information on how to get it, and
some documentation for the software.

Ubuntu Wiki: http://wiki.ubuntulinux.org

The wiki is a shared web space used by the Ubuntu community to
develop new ideas for Ubuntu. Anybody is welcome to edit and
add to the wiki.

Ubuntu IRC Channel: #ubuntu and on irc.freenode.net

The Ubuntu IRC channel is your best place to start for help and
discussion about Ubuntu and the Warty Warthog release. We aim
to keep the signal-to-noise ratio as high as possible on that
channel, and on all community forums.

Ubuntu Mailing Lists:

Ubuntu mailing lists are the heart of our community. In addition to the
announcement list, and lists for users and developers of Ubuntu,
there are now Ubuntu mailing lists in German, French, Spanish as well
as lists devoted to Ubuntu security, news, translators, and the
inevitable lighthearted chitchat list ("the Sounder"). To get more
information or subscribe, visit:


Warty Warthog Features

* Simple and fast Installation

Ubuntu comes on one single CD, with thousands of extra packages
available online. The install is optimised for speed and
simplicity. Ubuntu has excellent support for laptops (both
x86 based and Powerbook / iBook PPC based), and can also be
setup in a minimalist server configuration.

* GNOME 2.8

Ubuntu was the first distribution to ship Gnome 2.8, on the day
of the 2.8 release. Ubuntu is a great way to try out Gnome 2.8 if
you have not already experienced its speed and simplicity.

* Firefox 0.9 (with security patches)

* First class productivity software

Evolution 2.0 and OpenOffice.org 1.1.2

* XFree86 4.3 with improved hardware support

We also worked hard to detect as much hardware as possible,
simplifying the X install considerably.

Warty can be installed in a minimalist mode for servers, or in full
desktop mode. It works well on laptops and desktops. Warty is secure
by design - a key goal was to ensure that Warty was as safe from attack
over the internet as possible after a default install.

Thanks to the team of professional and volunteer maintainers who have
worked so hard to bring the Warthog to life, and also to our rapidly
growing community, who have provided excellent testing and ideas for
the future of Ubuntu!

"Ubuntu" is an ancient African word for "humanity towards others", and
we think it's a perfect name for an open source community project. In
that spirit we invite you to join, to contribute and to share Ubuntu
with your own community. Our next release, the Hoary Hedgehog, is due
in six months time. You can help to shape it by joining the team
and contributing your own expertise. See you at #ubuntu on