View Full Version : [ubuntu] Garbage graphic in menu window

Tom for Linux
December 29th, 2009, 01:20 AM
Hi Yall! Proud to be a Linux user for a year now and for the rest of my life..., (I'm a Windows technician and network/security integrator for 20 years) from Win 286 to Win 7 and I've experimented with a bunch of Linux releases and my favorites are Ubuntu and Mint, I fell in love when I was experimenting Ubuntu and I had to configure a D-Link Wireless AP and found out I could Telnet the little thing, surprise! it was running BusyBox so I logged in with a (googled found default password) and typed (iwconfig) VOILA! I had all the information I needed to crack it and configure it for my client without reseting it and stopping all the users (thanks to Linux know how)...

Enough about me

I managed to cure all of my setup problems and did almost every thing I wanted with Linux on different PC's to this date, (with the terrific help of your forum) but today I've been working on installing Linux on my TANK (Intel PIII, 1GHz, 2GB ram, ASUS CUV4X fully loaded PC) in fact the problem is with the video card, it's a Nvidia GForce 6200 with 128Mb ram, I managed to install the recommended driver (version 185) and I set up my twin monitors without a glitch, I noticed the problem when I started to play around with the (candy for the eyes) desktop features, I noticed that some times garbage appears in some of the windows bars and letters disappears from text menu, when I move the mouse over the garbage graphic or the lost letters it comes back to normal.

I know it's not a big issue but I'm a perfectionist, and I haven't found that problem on the net so I singed up and here I am!

Sorry for the long intro... next time I'll be short and sweet ha!