View Full Version : [ubuntu] 9.10 booting problem

December 28th, 2009, 06:49 PM
Here's the system configuration: Intel MB/Processor, ATI HD2400Pro Video card, 1G DDR, 500G HD.

I tried installing Ubuntu 9.10 from the live CD last night onto /dev/sda2 (I already have another linux install on sda1). The cd boots up ok, but I can't run the live system. It just loads up to a black screen.

I get the same thing on selecting "Install", but at the black screen I can <ctl><alt><F6> to a VT and find that the ati fglrx driver is missing.

I ran apt-get to download and install the xorg fglrx driver, then ran aticonfig --install. Now I can do a kill -1 on the X server and get a desktop. Installation now proceeds without incident.

Now the fun begins.

On re-boot, If I select the normal mode from the grub boot menu, I get a black screen. I can't even switch to a VT. If I re-boot and select the recovery mode, I have to install the ati fglrx driver from scratch again, do aticonfig --install again, and then startx to get to the desktop. Rebooting again and selecting the normal mode once again results in a black screen.

Anything to try?