View Full Version : [ubuntu] id3 tag builder to automatically generate from folder names?

The Bright Side
December 28th, 2009, 06:21 PM
Hey guys,

I have a huge CD collection that up until now, I've been managing by just going into the folder containing it on my hard disk, then selecting the album (each album has its own folder), and then playing that with Audacious (or, back when I was using Windows, Winamp).

Partly because the latest Audacious build is broken, partly because I am curious, I want to give Rhythmbox a shot. Now, the problem is that my ID3 tags are all kind of random and messed up, so when I import all my stuff into a Rhythmbox library, I have artists in there named e.g. "01" for track 1 from the Eagles album "Long Road out of Eden".

Do you guys know a tag builder that will generate the artist, year and album tags from folder names? My folders look like this:

Eagles - 2007 - Long Road out of Eden
Huey Lewis and the News - 1986 - Fore!
Various Artists - 2001 - Ulli Wengers One Hit Wonder Volume 2

It would be great to automatically have all my files (MP3 and OGG) tagged accordingly so I have a proper library. Any ideas?