View Full Version : [ubuntu] Installation on External Drive

HP dv4
December 28th, 2009, 04:49 PM
I installed Ubuntu on my external hard rive because there was an error in creating the partition on the internal drive. It works fine with the exception of the fact that I made a small error during the installation that turned out to be a big problem. The GRUB got installed on the internal drive instead of the external. Now I can't boot windows without the external hard drive plugged in, and I can't boot from the external hard drive on any other computers because there are no boot loaders on the external hard drive itself. Having the external hard drive plugged in everytime I want to boot is a problem seeing as I have a laptop. Can I fix this problem without damaging Window 7 or any of the files on it? I don't really care what happens to the files on the external drive.