View Full Version : [ubuntu] 9.10 Karmic No Sound

December 28th, 2009, 03:10 PM
Well I have installed it freshh on 3 seperate pc's --non of them work.

Something is awry with 9.1 --oh and one of the pc's used to have 8.1 on it with no issues whatsoever.

I have turned up the volume - ven installed gnome-mixer to see if anything funny was turned down - nothing important other than line one and the microphone - It didn't make any differenc anyway though.

---I have read the sticky concerning fixing sound ----->

I am NOT going to PURGE 300Mb of "ubuntu-desktop" just to have to download it again. Thier must be another way. (who decided that ubuntu-desktop was dependent on sound-base anyway)

PPS - these are all old PC's with stock standard common sound chips onboard I dunno what got messed with in 9.1...

....any-one know when thier will be an update or proper instructions to fix?

////I plugged in an Anologue jack into the Digital ouput of my laptop -- I can hear sound but it is Faint (of course I supposed to plug it into a digital output, I don't have on though)

//...SO , I think on Ubuntu the digital chip is still outputing sound, but the anologue chip isn't (if this info helps in fixing the problem, your welcome Mr sound engineer)