View Full Version : [ubuntu] Choosing to import system configuration on installation

December 28th, 2009, 11:55 AM

I am using Ubuntu 8.04 LTS. I am planing to change to Ubuntu 10.04 as soon as it will be released in April.

When I installed my Ubuntu 8.04, I chose the standard installation, i.e. the whole system (including the home folder) are installed on one partition.

I've read that from LTS to LTS, there is a direct way to update. However, I would like to preserve my current system, so I would prefer to instal the new system separately and import the old system's configuration. When I currently installed Ubuntu 9.04 (just for testing), I realized that there is an option to import the configuration of a system which has been recognized on the computer. I didn't chose it, but now it makes me curious.

So my question is: If in the fresh installation of Ubuntu 10.04 I chose the option of importing the configuration of my current Ubuntu 8.04, what exactly would happen? Would the old configurations (like firefox profiles, desktop symbols etc.) be preserved while all of the packages would be updated? Is that (rougly) how it works?

Would the results be different from a direct update 8.04 --> 10.04 (apart from the fact that unlike in the update, the 8.04 installation would remain untouched)?

I am curious about your answers!