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December 28th, 2009, 04:31 AM

i have a old sony viao P4S266-VX mobo and i have tried everything to install linux from Ubuntu 8.04.1 LTS desktop edition to Ubuntu 8.10 desktop edition to Ubuntu 9.10 desktop edition to Open suse 10.. they boot up fine but when i go to try a live version or when i go to install the os it just freezes on lthe loading screen when i go to install or do a live version. i have tried moving my RAM to different spots then started to remove my ram. i have tried out 7 different harddrives and 4 different dvd and cd drives..

so here is my current setup:

- Asus P4S266-VX motherboard from a old Sony viao
- HP DVD writer 640
- 512MB of RAM (i had 1.5GB)
- Intel Celeron 2000mhz overclocked to 2667mhz (tried to install before i OC it and after OC) i don't know the model number of the processor
- and a 17GB harddrive (yes i know its very small im not much of a media person so the size of the harddrive doesnt really matter to me)

the only problem i can think of is the bios needs updated?
is there any way to do this without a floppy drive and disk?

December 28th, 2009, 04:42 AM
Instead of using the LiveCD to install on your machine, try the alternate CD. It's a text based but should be easy to follow. Don't forget to burn the ISO image to a CD at a slow speed like 4x.

December 28th, 2009, 05:41 AM
ok well i got my ubuntu 9.10 up, running and updated it turned out to be the sound blaster card..

So heres my new setup:

- Cooler Master Centurion 532 (with modded in side window)
- 600watt Sparkle PSU
- Asus P4S266-VX motherboard from a old Sony viao
- HP DVD writer 640
- Secondary HP x16 CD rom drive
- Consair 1.5GB RAM (3 512MB sticks)
- 17GB harddrive (OS installed)
- 160GB secodary harddrive (for what ever)
- Geforce Nforce MX400D (soon to be upgraded)
- Intel Celeron 2000mhz overclocked to 2667mhz
- OS Ubuntu 9.10


- Cooler Master Aero 7+ CPU cooler (modded to fit)
- Kaze Master fan controller
- Logisys red light kit
- Logisys blue light kit
- 1 green 120mm, 1 red 120mm and 1 blue 120mm LED case fans

as for pics i dont have a camera but its really bright (need to take out some LEDs) fans are really loud but cool looking though