View Full Version : [ubuntu] Original installation got corrupted, then reinstalls failed

December 28th, 2009, 12:12 AM
I installed alongside Vista using the wubi installer. Then I got my wireless connection working, installed the Flash plugin and Adobe Reader, got X11, Xt, lesstif, and everything else I needed to build a Motif program. Finally, I walked away from my computer and found it not in screensaver mode but hung, so I turned off the power, rebooted, and selected the second ubuntu option (some cryptic "recover" mode that destroyed everything). Finally, I reinstalled using wubi, which supposedly uninstalled the original installation in its entirety. When I rebooted and picked ubuntu, it supposedly "completed" the installation, but when it automatically rebooted, and I picked ubuntu, it said "no wubldr" and threw me into a limited bash where nothing useful worked. Every time I tried reinstalling, the same thing happened.

I installed on D: using 30 Gb for the Linux partition.