View Full Version : [kubuntu] Network adapter goes down after some time. Intermittent problem. Please help diagnose

December 27th, 2009, 02:41 AM
Hi all,

This machine had been working fine with Kubuntu through the ethernet port for over a year. I am now having a problem where my internet connection goes down intermittently. A reboot fixes it. This is on a desktop connected via an ethernet cable to a wireless router.

I look at my router and other devices connected to it are working fine. The router seems to be connected to the cable modem with no problems.

Network management says that my connection has been lost. I have tried different ethernet cables and connecting the ethernet cable to a different ethernet port (there are two on the back of my PC) but the problem persists.

I suspect this started due to some update I installed somewhere but Im not sure.

I am using Kubuntu 9.04

What logs do I need to look at to diagnose this problem? thanks.