View Full Version : [ubuntu] MythTV backend on Ubuntu -> MythTV frontend on Windows -- Question

December 26th, 2009, 08:24 PM
I want to put my old-ish laptop in my kitchen so I can watch live TV or TV recordings while I cook. However, my laptop doesn't have a capture card. My main computer, which is in the next room, does have a capture card installed. So, this was my plan and I want your thoughts:

- Install Ubuntu on my main tower (this computer has the capture card)
- install MythTV backend on this main computer and have it running 24/7
- install MythTV frontend on Windows XP kitchen laptop (I have video driver issues in Ubuntu which prevents me from using Ubuntu on the laptop :( otherwise I would)

Would this work to stream live TV to my windows XP laptop in the kitchen? What kind of issues would I run into?

Any thoughts are welcome!