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December 26th, 2009, 05:40 PM

Description and Overview

DivX converter is a simple Mencoder frontend to Produce DivX Player Compatible AVI video format with the ability to merge subtitles . It support many video and audio filters and many presets.
List Of Feature :

Clean and Easy Interface
Convert variety type of video format to avi
Support DivX 4/5 , H.264 and Xvid Video codecs
Support MP3, AC3 and ACC audio codecs
You can merge your subtitle to your favorite video, with many Language Encoding support .
Multifile conversion
Screenshot and use-full information about the file being convert
9 quality preset
Many video and audio filters
Multi-Core threading support

New in 2.0 final

Help manual
GUI and encoding optimized
a few bug fixing
spanish translation

New in Version 2.0 RC 3 :

* New easy look [new inteface]
* Add alpha black background [subtitle]
* Add sample rate [Audio filters]
* Add Harddup and softskip [Video Filters]
* add Postprocessing filters [video filters]
* add HQ denoiser filter[video filters]
* fixing a few bugs -)
* Multi-Language support [ english and arabic ] [Your language ? Download the .pot file and translate it to your language for the final relaese.!
* hope to be the last RC before the final

New in V 2.0 RC 2

Quik Fix Fix application path not found

New in v 2.0 RC

Multi Core threading support
Lower CPU Usage
DivX 5 Support
New 8 Preset
New Video and Audio Filters

New in V 2.0 beta :

complete rewritten using pygtk from realbasic
Multi file conversion
now you can choose your system font for subtitle encoding
subtitle scale size
advance feature custom
new progress window with a screen shot and encoding information
system notification
system try icon menu
a lot of user experience improvement
move log file to user home

Known issues :

subtitle file path and name must not contain a space otherwise it will not be recognize
subtitle font name must be in one grouped word only .!

E : arial , freeserif, nazli ... good font

E: droid sans , blue highway, DejaVu sans . is wrong font and will not be recognize because it contain space

Screenshot :

Debian package
redhat package
not yet
source code :
PO language template file :

wiki :


Softpedia :


January 3rd, 2010, 01:08 AM
New Release RC 3 pre final :)

January 12th, 2010, 04:49 PM
[update] release 2.0 final :)