View Full Version : [ubuntu] permission denied

December 24th, 2009, 03:32 PM
since yesterday my when booting my pc up with Ubuntu 9.10,
the system stops and freezes, so i figured id go into repair mode, and check if anything was missing or deleted,
when i watch the screen boot up i see alot of permission denied messages.

causing the pc to lock and not boot, im not very texhy with pc's and the most info i can give is almost everything that trys to load up even the kernal iteself says permission denied.

i figured wel since i have everything backuped up to a external hardrive, just incase, that id just go agead and reinstall linux.

but problem. when i try to reinstall linux i get like a million errors read errors on either the cd/dvd drive or hardrive itself, im not sure.

but after a while of these errors i get a kernal panic, and it says shutting down and freezes.

my question is is there a way to forch permssion to the drive, or would i beable to use my Windows xp pc to install Linux to a external hardrive than take the hardrive and hook it up to the linux pc,

the windows xp thos uses a different HDD hookup so i cant just replace the hardrive and install, i have to install it though a external USB hardrive, now how would i do this exsactly? im not the best wit pc's and all the guides iv read about this are a bit to techy for me to understand.