View Full Version : [ubuntu] Freezes in Gnome but not in Failsafe

December 23rd, 2009, 07:09 PM
after installing ubuntu 9.10 desktop-64, in gnome, my computer freezes after loading the desktop; usually after I move the mouse to click on something. I've used ubuntu for over a year and it worked fine until I upgraded to 9.10. It will run in failsafe gnome without freezing.

so far, I have ...
I replaced my hardrive (I think it was getting weak) from 160gb to 500gb
made a cd with iso on it (I did hash check and verified cd was good) but ... same problem.
tried to get help on irc
tried a different mouse

computer is ...
compaq presario ts-xn0105rs
it was advertised as celeron D 360 3.46 GHz "64-bit processor" (system says celeron D 3.46)
1.5gb memory

when I installed, I let ubuntu have whole drive