View Full Version : [other] Removed Ubuntu but having grub loader problems

December 23rd, 2009, 06:34 AM
Hello, i removed ubuntu from my hard drive that was dual booting ubuntu and windows 7.

I used the partition editor to remove both the linux swap and ubuntu partitions but the grub loader will not just load windows. I need to know how to remove the grub boot loader, repair the windows 7 boot with out a cd drive.

My cd drive is still not recognized by my laptop( currently working to repair.) how ever it does have space for two hard drives and can access all files through my old vista hard drive. Also there seems to be some malfunction with the bios or something because when booting my only option is the main hard drive. I cannot even choose a usb port. this worked earlier and even after the last attempt to fix some parts but after i removed the ubuntu partition and shut down the usb ports disappeared from my boot options.

is there a way to remove it in the system files or any other way then what I've read so far ( using a recovery disk and using the fixmbr commands)