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December 22nd, 2009, 06:08 PM
Early last month, I decided to drop Windows in favor of Ubuntu. It has been an okay experience up to now - difficult, but getting there.

I bought one of these ASRock ION 330 machine as HTPC, print server and web server and got to installing it quite okay. I started of with Karmic server, added Apache, PHP, XBMC. Got the sound working, the video, the resolutions of the HDTV connected through HDMI. I have TF-B4RT running in the background, installed FreeNX, have XBMC logging in automatically, starting XBMC etc.

And am looking at some minor problems now... for the last 2 days and I am not able to solve ANY anymore. Turns out these "minor" problems are not as minor as I initially believed...

allow the XBMC user to shutdown, reboot, suspend... I followed the tutorial and got to: sudo polkit-auth --user xbmc ... etc. Rebooted just in case. Guess what: it does not work and I am not able to find any new info on it.
have usplash show the XBMC spinner logo on the plasma's screen. Although when connecting a monitor, the resolution seems to be one the plasma should know, I get Pictore format not supported on it when booting. Seems to be unsolvable for now - even with "startup-manager"
USB mounts - when I installed I am pretty sure they mounted automatically. Not so anymore. Read dozens of other users' woes with it. No solutions.
XBMC seems to lose its known resolution on second start. In other words: it starts up okay, but if it needs to restart without a system reboot - the resolution is bad, i.e. noticeable through overscan. I have not really searched a lot for a potential solution.
Gnome overscan.

Anyhows, the first three have kept me busy for the better part of two days. I seem to run across unclosed bug reports too much with it and it seems I might be better of installing the system again. I am losing a lot of time here and I am wondering if I should not go back to MS's wonderful world.

Sorry for the rant. - needed t lay it off me for now.

Course... if you have solutions to one of the above. Feel free to post! :P

December 23rd, 2009, 01:12 AM
waw. after only 6h I am on page 3...

I mentioned to maybe try MS's wonderful world again. I was kidding. I do not want to and I guess I am going to reinstall Ubuntu again... I hope that by keeping things under control more than I have now - I tried, I really did - I would get to a stable installation.

I said that it has apache as well. I want to have it as a dev machine for an ezPublish website I want to build. I hope that I will be able to repeat the installation when I get to a staging environment, eventually production. It is one of the worries I have now.

question i have now: should I start from Jaunty - which is supported longer than Karmic?

December 24th, 2009, 12:47 PM
the question above was not about jaunty, but the LTS server edition.

anyhows, I have reinstalled in the mean time, starting from Ubuntu minimal. All is up and running and working as expected I (largely) followed this guide: http://www.springydevelopment.co.uk/2009/11/08/minimal-install-of-xbmc-on-ubuntu-karmic-koala/

And added Apache, MySQL, PHP to it. Boot time is way fast - 15s at most. When editing .bash_profile, make sure to use ` and not '.

Still to do is adding cups, samba, ftp and TF-B4RT.

I hope nothing gets broken doing that.