View Full Version : [ubuntu] LiveUSB(FAT16) boot freezing during unpack

December 20th, 2009, 06:41 PM
Hi all,

I have a Pentium4,256MB RAM Desktop which obviously is damn slow when I run Windows XP. I was trying to install Ubuntu 9.10 using a live usb stick.

The live usb is working alright on a higher configured computer. Hence I am sure live usb drive(made according to the info in this website) is working and perfect.

I tried to boot the desktop using the USB Drive, but got the error
could not read kernel image:linux
boot:_ "

which I found was some compatiiblty issue of USB drive with my hardware. I found the solution for this, here itself. It said I should format the USB drive as FAT16 instead of FAT32.

I did this ,checked on a higher confi computer and made sure it works.

Now installation from LiveUSB Drive started in my destop. I tried
installation/live mode/persistent mode and always it freezes during unpacking of some files.

It is something like this:
".....kernel thread..." it freezes here.

Please help.
I haven't tried a live cd yet, becoz i didnt have a blank one in hand.