View Full Version : [all variants] KBasic IDE project fails to compile in Ubuntu 9.10

December 19th, 2009, 04:34 AM
Hi, all. I installed KBasic from the Ubuntu 9.10 software repository. Everything went fine during the install process, and the KBasic IDE starts up and runs fine from the link on the programs menu (Programming > KBasic).

However, I cannot compile a program within the KBasic IDE. Apparently, there is a built-in path error (that I do not know how to overcome) without just reinstalling the program in my user /home directory. I get the error:

"Could not write to /usr/share/kbasic/ide/cache/default.kbasic"

as well as several similar errors when I try to compile a project.

Obviously, as a user without sudo permission, I cannot read/write to the /usr/share directory. Any ideas on how to overcome this issue? Would some trick using symbolic links work? I don't just want to give blanket read/write permission for /usr/share to everyone on the system.

Thanks for your assistance.