View Full Version : [SOLVED] Using WireShark

December 19th, 2009, 01:09 AM
If anyone has any idea about this, I have a question about config/using WireShark.

I am reading the helpfiles on wireshark.org right now. I have WireShark on an XP system at the moment, fired it up... it did NOTHING at first.
Then I updated WinPcap (windows packet capture software) and got a DIFFERENT error.

After banging around in settings a while I THOUGHT about the message. It said something akin to "unable to record session in 'promiscuous' mode... then thinking sideways I found a checkbox ALLOWING promiscuous mode-- UN-checked it...

and I began to "see" packets...

can anyone tell me 'why' that is? Why this happened and what that means to me?
trying to read/figure it out on my own now.
Thanx for any input.