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December 18th, 2009, 03:08 PM
I worked with karmic for bit and for the most part, it works well on my desktop (see specs below) but the laptop is different. The audio hardware started just going to who knows where. I did a fresh install, it worked then the next time I turned it on, no audio. The hardware was not even there. All had worked before. I could not get it fixed, so back to 9.04 and all is well. Until you move back, you don't realize the work that has gone into 9.10 and all the associated programs you may use. I worked with gnome shell and it is "not bad", just different. As of now, it is not customizable, so I won't use it. I know it is a work in progress and I hope they keep making improvements.
Karmic is still running well on the desktop and I will continure to use it. One thing I can't figure out is why it has you to authenticate everytime I want to activate a partition on another drive. 9.04 had the option of always remembering after the first time. Not so in 9.10. If there is something I must put in the fstab to have it done, please let me know.
For those who use Quickstart (link below for program) on 9.10 for Backup/Restore, I have run into a bug, but may be a part of a security protocal. When I did a restore and reboot, it came up with the error of "cannot find device: 63###.####... cannot continue". It would not reboot. I think this is a UUID for the boot drive, but not sure. This has happened on the laptop and a test machine. 9.04 or earlier had no problem.


Everyone out there have Happy Holiday!

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December 18th, 2009, 03:15 PM
I noticed as well that the new distro wasn't as satisfying to me as 9.04. Until they get some bugs and kinks worked out .04 is a much better option. Ubuntu will get it worked out and it will be just as reliable as Jaunty.

-good luck and may the source be with you.