View Full Version : Ubuntu 9.10: Close to A.I.???

December 16th, 2009, 02:38 AM
I clean-wipe installed Ubuntu 9.10 on my 1,1 Macbook a couple weeks ago and right off began to love it. I have learned more about computers and GUI's teaching myself how to use Ubuntu than I ever thought I would. That being said, the installation was not 100% perfect. I have been having issues with suspend/hibernate when closing the lid, battery notification issues, etc. All things that I determined to be more or less common after perusing this forum.

Just this evening though, I booted up to discover that every issue I had been having is now entirely gone! Resolved somehow. I have not, to the best of m knowledge, done an update in a day or two so i'm wondering how the heck this happened!? I'm certainly not complaining, mind, just very very curious.

Could it be the The folks at Linux discovered a way to make Intelligent OS's? Is Ubuntu learning from its "mistakes" and correcting it's own problems?? Am I going to wake up one morning to discover wires protruding from my brain and my computer controlling my every move???!!!

Well, whatever the reason for this miraculous feat I thank you all, Ubuntu developers! You've succeeded in turning this Leopard man into a Penguin enthusiast!


December 16th, 2009, 02:55 AM
no that would not be possible.
The ai is quite advanced though. There is a fork taking advantage of the repair function to actually be able to emulate how you write. Kind of like autocomplete is, but for entire emails based on how you would normally write.
Technically we could also make a plugin to feed input from your friends into our program and it would suggest what you would normally say back. Pretty neat huh?