View Full Version : [ubuntu] Time zone /installation problems.

December 13th, 2009, 09:54 AM
I did all of the pre-reqs, made sure the CD burned okay. My mom wanted a faster computer for Christmas, so I told her to get Ubuntu (which is, the best and fastest OS around). Put in the Ubuntu 9.10 CD, and things are fine. ...Go to 'intstall ubuntu'. I want to install this in English, of course. Click 'forward' to go to step two. Here's the problem about step two--it never comes. The Ubuntu / brown with three soft lights on the top window has been up for two hours, trying to get to the time zone / step two of the 6 step process. It's taking too long--it should only take a few minutes if at all, right? So I try it again, this time using 'No localization'. The same thing happens. Using a guide, this one says to use the top option of trying Ubuntu without any changes, then install it from there. The problem with this one is...the brown / white light loading window is still there, and isn't going away. What can I do? PS: Please try to come up with a quick answer. Mom and I are willing to stay up for hours doing this, though we don't really want to.