View Full Version : [ubuntu] Sound issue solved try dis

December 12th, 2009, 08:00 AM
Iam a new babe in linux so i choose ubuntu i was so haapy by seeing the performance but problem was the sound andi worked lot nw i solve d the issue in my systemm.... here is the method
after instaaling os check the sound card ,,,,, if it is properly installed

go to system- sound and then tthere will be a test button onthe right side of every box click that and check wether the channel is working else change from alsa to any other like realtek or ather try ths it worked for me ... an dont forgot to select test Sound in the sound capture box 4th option

if nione of the above works then go togoogle and search for OSS open sound system download .deb file and install it will works sure any doubt opls reply