View Full Version : [ubuntu] mouse disappear after upgrade to 9.16

December 12th, 2009, 02:34 AM
i just fresh installed ubuntu 9.10 and got all the updates. after reboot, i cant see my mouse cursor. i had this problem before in puppy linux, but puppy linux sucks all around. i navigated here with an invisible mouse. i do have nvidia card, so now i amdownloading the nvidia package i used to have. if it doesnt work i will probably comeback to the forums either with an invisible mouse or from windows.
this all started because i reinstalled windows,lost grub, tried the super grub disk, it failed. tried ubuntu "fix broken system" reading carefully and not doing things that said they would cause me to lose all my data, but i did lose all mydata. at least my system should work better now, and i will never try the hulu toolbar again, because it broke hulu forme the first time i tried it. i didnt know ubuntu used xorg. but it looks like it does, because thats the only time i have ever had an invisible mouse, but never in ubuntu. Needless to say,this sucks. HelpME!

December 12th, 2009, 02:45 AM
i fixeditcuz imgoodlikethat.
lol anyway now i dont hate those multiple grub entries that keep piling up. i booted into the previous one, saved the nvidia settingsand rebooted into the latest one and i can see again. now i am going to sleep because it has been a long day i have done 5 installations, 2 windows, then try to find grub, then accidentallypartition my hard drive, then delete the whole thing and install 2 windowsagain and ubuntu last because itisa PITA to do it the other way.