View Full Version : [ubuntu] URGENT HELP! Cannot get past log in after install - AAHH!

December 11th, 2009, 11:34 PM
Frustration! I have just installed Ubuntu 9.10. It's on an old-sih Windows machine that was running XP Home. Under Windows the Username was 'Owner' and the password was - well nothing, you just pressed RETURN, and in you went. Now I have Ubuntu, I am getting a log in screen showing the user 'Owner' but it doesn't like me just pressing RETURN for the password - in other words leaving it blank like I did in Wondows...Doh..HELP. I've tried rebooting and pressing Esc whilst rebooting but i cannot get in - the machine just sort of stalls and the screen stays blank!..

HELP me get through the weekend!
A :(