View Full Version : [all variants] newbi question: easiest way from .avi to DVD?

December 10th, 2009, 04:44 PM
Hello there,

I dont know much about avi,mpeg,etc. Well, I know
that Vista (?) has the movie maker ... that allows me
to basically take whatever input (like some .avi from
who-knows-where) ... press some buttons ... to end up
with a DVD that will play in (almost) all players.

So, stupid question: is there something (that simple)
for Ubuntu? Is winff (saw that in the 'sticky' post) the
tool to go for?

I tried the KDE burning tool and brasero ... (I selected
'video project' and the .avi i have there ... ended
up with some error messages [plugins missing/certain files missing]).

Thank you for answering such simple questions ;-)