View Full Version : [ubuntu] Stretching the screen not possible in Linux?

December 10th, 2009, 01:14 PM
I am using the Nvidia driver 185.18.36 for my system.
I have an Asus P5B-E Motherboard with an Asus GTX 8600 graphics card.
My monitor is Syncmaster 206 BW LCD.

In Windows I can stretch my screen in the horizontal direction but I cannot find this option in Linux.
I can change some settings when I go to System -> Preferences -> Display.
When I choose that, I first get a message that tells me that the graphical driver program does not support the nescessary extensions and it ask me to use the tool of Nvidia. I then select yes and then I find those settings.

Like I said, I am after a setting to stretch the screen horizontally, but it seems not to be there. Is there another way to do that? I don t like the small characters and want to set the resolution lower. But when setting the resolution lower , it also change the aspect ratio.