View Full Version : [ubuntu] After update: very slow startup, no wi-fi, hanging at shutdown

December 9th, 2009, 10:54 PM
A recent update (via Update Manager) messed up my system.

Symptoms (when choosing 2.6.31-15 or 2.6.31-16 from the startup list):

Startup takes very long (3-4 minutes rather than the usual 30 seconds) before the login window arrives. In the mean time, I'm given a textual login prompt, and can access the command line until the GUI process(es) kick(s) in.
The Network Manager applet displays no wireless network options, and I'm not connected to the network. WiFi seems to be unavailable to the system.
When I shut down or restart, the system sometimes hangs (usually on a black screen with a white Ubuntu logo). I waited for 10 minutes once, and nothing happened. Sometimes, on the other hand, this works without a hitch.

I've been able to select 2.6.31-14 from the startup list in order to avoid these problems. But I'd like to fix it.

My system is a Dell Precision M6400 laptop.

December 14th, 2009, 11:28 PM
Bumping in the hope this was just overlooked.

I'm a bit surprised that a software update rendering my system unusable hasn't generated at least a little interest. Maybe I'm asking in the wrong place?

Alternately, could I provide more information? Is anyone aware of something I could do to help diagnose this? Maybe get some sort of logging when it appears frozen at startup?

For what it's worth, my hardware configuration is pretty standard, and I can't think of any unusual tweaking I've done to the software. As best I can tell, this is simply a matter of the software not working as advertised, through no "fault" of my own.