View Full Version : [ubuntu] Installing a new Video card?

December 9th, 2009, 04:43 AM
I'd like to install a new video card. I'm currently using an ATI and plan to install an NVidia. I'm happy with my Ubuntu 9.04 installation and wondered what my chances are of messing things up with a new card install. If there is a best procedure to follow please let me know. I've done this many times on windows machines but never on a Linux installation.

No special drivers were installed for the ATI card.

December 9th, 2009, 04:45 AM
I had a setup with an ATI card once too. All i did was turn the computer off, install the new card, turn the computer on, and if you want desktop effects you install the drivers for the new card.

December 9th, 2009, 04:55 AM
As long as you dont install the special drivers for the ATI card, the change should be no problem...