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February 23rd, 2006, 01:26 AM
Hi guys,
last year you released Ubuntu Server which is just a striped down version of ubuntu with some extra packages on the cd. Currently one of the biggest expenses for schools, next to hardware, is the network software. I am wondering if there would be intrest in creating a server project made for schools, by server project I mean like something to compete with Novell Netware which btw is client-fee based and very expensive. Over the next few years more and more schools will be switching to opensource solutions, I think it would be great to create product that comes with a student information system like School Tool once it gets developed more and backed with ldap or some other solution possibly using phpgroupware or egroupware that is pretty much an opensource grading system. This server os would be what schools need to get a network going providing file services, integration with LDAP for all of the user data storage, web services, content filtering, email. It should be like Mac OS X server only not buggy and stuff providing and provide application distribution services maybe with cluster technology and have a good web interface for everything.

on Edubuntu Client there should be and easy way to integrate with the server, the server will allow you sync clients and lock them all down based on what group they're in.

there should be integration of windows in this too for client side since many schools will just use linux for their server not their clients since not enough of the software needs for the more highend clients is avaliablie on linux. (think Adobe and AuthCAD) so maybe like a login client or a samba domain system that will mount all of there shares etc.

I have lots of ideas for this but have no skill to ever even think about attempting something like this. Also this post sucks and doesn't really explain my ideas very well, but try to think simple setup for schools with out-of-box configuration with nice gui config tools so you never have to touch a config file sort of thing. Let me know if there is any intrest in something like this: :KS

February 23rd, 2006, 10:15 PM
This sounds like a good idea :D

March 29th, 2006, 10:15 PM
I would like to see some kind of solution for Ubuntu to either work with Netware or take its place. I would move computer labs to Linux, except that I don't have the experience or I cannot find Linux software to make up for the loss of Windows compatible software.