View Full Version : [ubuntu] Sound Preferences

December 7th, 2009, 10:08 AM
Under "Sound Preferences" on the volume icon (I'm using a fresh 9.10 ubuntu desktop install and therefore Gnome), I see a ton of options of Analogue and Digital Outputs. Digital Out, Analog In and vice versa.

However I don't see the one I want. Digital AND Analog Output. My headphones are on my realtek onboard analog and my speakers on the digital. I like to switch back and forth between them and going into sound preferences all the time to switch would get tedious fast. In windows it's as quick as 3 clicks via a systray.

So I'm looking for one of 2 things to solve this:

1) Digital AND Analog Output together.


2) Some quick taskbar/panel/applet thingy that will let me switch between 2 pre-determined options quickly.

Thanks in advance