View Full Version : Looking for a video editor with text overlay

December 6th, 2009, 08:34 PM

I'm doing a database project for school, and I have a presentation on Monday. I need to show the execution of various commands. I want to have a really good presentation, so I'm recording screencasts (inserted into Presentation), so I can move quicker (if I type the commands in class, I'll have lots of errors, and it won't look professional). I have found some great software (recorditnow) for making the screencasts.

I want to be able to show short explanation of commands. Basically, I'm looking for a Linux program where I can import the screencast (recorditnow will export many formats), and just add a cartoon-style text bubble/box at the bottom of the video, and draw a box (to highlight) around text in the screencast. Does anyone know a program that can do this?