View Full Version : rhythmbox and ipod nano 4g

December 6th, 2009, 04:48 PM
So im part of the eeeuser forum and no one ever answers my questions so i was hoping this would be a little better.

Ok so basically i have all my music on my eeepc 900 and i love rhythmbox so i want to use that to sync with my ipod. Ive used my ipod nano 4g with itunes before if that makes a difference. Ive hear of itunes 7 locking the database on your ipod so im not sure if that plays a role. My ipod shows up in rhythmbox but when i try to drag files in it gives me this.

Error opening file '/media/Mikey’s iPod/iPod_Control/Music/F44/Fabolous ft. Drake - Thr~ZY.mp3': Read-only file system

Is there a way to fix this. do i have to buy a new ipod without itunes database on it?

Really appreciate some help figuring this out


December 7th, 2009, 06:52 PM
Very strange, I'm also using an Asus eee-pc (model 1005) and using Linux Mint 8 Helena (which is a Ubuntu 9.10 derivate).
When I connect my Ipod Nano 4G to it, that was formatted, software-upgraded and sync'ed first with itunes (via a Windows Vista dektop),
it shows the songs perfectly in Rhythmbox, and I can play the songs and everything via Rhythmbox (v 0.12.5)
Only if I add or remove anything with Rhythmbox, this would corrupt the itunes database on the ipod needing it to be reinitialised via itunes.

P.S. Initialising thru Rhythmbox is useless, the via Rhythmbox added songs are only visible in Rhythmbox, the ipod as well as itunes will tell you the ipod is corrupted.