View Full Version : [ubuntu] new install but keeping old /home

December 6th, 2009, 05:57 AM
When doing an install rather than an upgrade to keep the old /home partition intact. it seems to work ok except.. 'Places' menu doesnt work correctly. the user folder cant be reached.. also if more than one user were originally in the old /home these users cant be picked up in the users adjustment menu..the response is that the folder already exists, so the user cant be restated. only work around I could think of was to erase the folder and then re-create the user. that is not the way I want to go..
is there a 'how to' available for this type of install? I didnt want to upgrade because the system had crashed and the updater didn't work in 9.04 so a fresh install of 9.10 while keeping the old /home seemed to be the best solution.