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February 22nd, 2006, 02:30 PM
A question.

I just aquired a new laptop. I intend to install Kubuntu 6.04 on it in a dual-boot (XP) configuration. I would like to keep an on-line log of what I had to do to get it up and running, including all the bells and whistles, as well as keep a running log of how well Kubuntu stacks up against the XP install at any given time for things that I use. I think doing this would be helpful to people who want to install on a similar machine and helpful to me (people who read it can offer tips as I come to problems).

I do not want to do this on a blog because I doubt very much that it would get the exposure needed to reach anyone who might need the guide. I was thinking that a good way to do this would be to start a thread here and edit it as I go, but that brings up these questions:

1. Do the Ubuntu forums support this kind of activity (is it allowed/desired)?
2. Is there a better place to do this than the forums?
3. If the answers to the first two are yes and no, respectively, which forum should I post in?

Thanks for any tips or advice.