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Since you're talking about Open Source documentaries, you may want to go rent Revolution OS (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Revolution_OS). It's about 8 years old, but the reviews of it don't look too bad.

Personally, I do not like the exploitation culture. Ideas should not be able to be reserved, because someone elsewhere will always come up with the same idea, perhaps have better additions to it, but will get shot down and the consumer will eventually lose until the patent expires in a ridiculous term of 14 years. The United States' anti-trust laws are meant to break up monopolies, yet patents are just a plain spit in the face to the consumer. Nowadays, the patent office validates patents with such vague terms, that you can barely even write a calculator program without infringing one patent somewhere. Probably one for the addition of numbers!

A while back, Microsoft even patented sudo! The abstract stated that they were patenting a process for giving normal users administrator privileges for a short amount of time. Su was doing a function similar to that since before Linux was even incepted. Even worse, Sudo, which does exactly what the abstract states, was created years before the patent was even filed!

Sometimes, I wonder if the corporations are paying off those people at the patent office. I swear, capitalism being utilized in such a manner makes me sick. 1% of the world owns 90% of the wealth, and they just want more and more of the other 99% of the people's 10%! I have a quote for just the occasion, too:

It's like ten people sitting around a table with a pie divided into ten pieces, one of those people taking nine pieces, and letting the other nine people fight over that one piece.

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Girl Talk is awesome. Cool doc.

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Ooohhh... I didn't see this thread. I would have put this post (from the original thread) in here since it's a better fit.


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Yep, we're getting into more of the scope of the thread, and yep, it's gotten very complicated.

I've worked with property clearance issues and it's always a challenge between the line of what is considered fair use and what is paid appropriation. And the surprise of having a prior cleared work become uncleared because it was originally placed in a wrong model by whomever was representing the work at the time. Bleh- too messy and way too much to get into about that here.

Free licensing is for the most part pretty straightforward as it's own animal and yep, a totally different model then fair use.

But- my thinking is about the evolution of the term open source. Which seems to be happening. While it's fairly strict on what is allowed in software and is a parallel culture for the most part to proprietary, outside of software it does use a lot of appropriations and top down borrow modeling, and I'm wondering if there should almost be a new term to differentiate? Or will it make it even more confusing. Just thinking out loud.

I haven't seen Rip: Remix since it came out and forgot about the credits, full circle discussion! :o

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