View Full Version : Seeking Active (K)Ubuntu Lovers for Web project

February 22nd, 2006, 05:08 AM
Shecky's Debian Asylum (http://drshecky.org)

Is a Debian & debian Based distro community site. It seeks to gather in one place info news tutorials, reviews, more under one roof.
The backend has been designed to make it as easy as possible for even the most non-technical to contribute. If you can post in a forum you can create proffesional looking Tutorials, Articles, whatever.
We can use more Admins, Writers, News Posters, creative Ideas, YOU.

Our most important goal is to create Screenshot intensive tutorials, to make things as easy as possible for new Debian users, and those thinking about becomeing debian Users. Many tutorials exist now that would benefit greatly from having screenshots added.

This is an ad free site, there will never be any ads run on it, or popups, or any other garbage. So please don't inquire. There are banners at the top, but they simply point to open source projects such as Ubuntu, Mepis, GNU, GPL...etc.

If you are interested in contributing, simply contact Admin@drshecky.org
Post in the forums at Shecky's Debian Asylum (http://drshecky.org) or sign up at SDA and send a PM to the admin.

So far there is very little content as the primary work has been on the backend, but it is at the point now where content needs to start being added. :mrgreen: