View Full Version : Response to Post (problem) needs "FLAG"

December 2nd, 2009, 09:52 PM
I received a kind response to a problem I'm having. It's posted at the Absolute Beginner's Forum. The URL is


The help I've received is good, but not useful in helping me understand what I need to do. The responder uses a different application (Thunderbird). I don't want to use Thunderbird. He suggests putting my Evolution files in some sub-folder of the Thunderbird app.

I want some more people to look at this post and propose making the board able to "FLAG" a post for more help, after 72 hours or 5 days or some such time frame has passed.

If another Ubuntu-er then looked at this, I might get a fresh perspective on solving my particular dilemma.

thanks for your time & Merry Christmas -