View Full Version : Diskpart not finding Volume

December 2nd, 2009, 08:52 PM
In diskpart I do a "list" and nothing comes up any ideas?

I'm running Vista but can't seem to get anywhere, i get to the C: prompt through Recovery

Don't know if this helps but when i start up my PC i get two choices come up

Windows Vista

Vista home Prem

no matter what one I select all I get is the user name and password screen to log on and i get

Domain not found ? there is no password or users set btw

(I can See Drives if i go on to load Drivers they are C: "recoverey" X: Boot D: no lable E: Vista

I seem to have two lots of Vista installed but not sure if i should Delete one i'm not even sure how to anyway lol

IF this is in the wrong thread can mods move it please?

Seems hard to get any help on this