View Full Version : [ubuntu] 3 problems I'm having with Ubuntu (troubleshooting)

December 1st, 2009, 10:06 PM
Let me preface this with that I am new to ubuntu so I'm going to need a little extra understanding when it comes to using the terminal.. anyways on to the meat of this post:

The first problem that I have is that when streaming music off my NAS box (MSS+ running openmss), and browsing the internet, my wireless signal will disconnect and then reconnect, actually this happens under very heavy loads to very light loads, basically if the wireless chip is in use i can count on the connection dropping at some point. My chipset is Intel 5100 A/B/G/N

The second problem that i have encountered is that for some reason my sound will fail to work, perhaps a bad driver? (seems to mostly happen after it resumes from sleep mode)

Lastly and perhaps the scariest is occasionally (once every two days) Ubuntu will "crash", let me be clearer it just seems to go to a black screen with a courser, no text displays if i try to type anything, and for some reason my "caps-lock" light blinks, the only way out of this is a hard reset. (is this ubuntu's version of the BSoD?)

That concludes my tech issues with ubuntu any help would be greatly appreciated. Oh for got this: I'm running ubuntu 9.10 karmic on a dual boot vista machine and besides these problems I'm loving it.

oh and PS if anyone knows how to edit the options on the grub boot screen that would be greatly appreciated as the different options are mis labeled