View Full Version : [ubuntu] Installation does not allow for prexisiting partition table

November 26th, 2009, 04:42 AM

I am using a new box that has a copy of Windows XP freshly installed in 1 partition as well as a copy of Ubuntu 8.04 in another partition. Ubuntu 8.04 was able to read the partition table on install and allow me to resize my Windows partition for installation.

When I try with Ubuntu desktop 9.10 in either the x64 version or 32 bit version, the installer does not seem to be able to read the partition table and allow me to do adjustments. The only choices it gives me is to either use the entire disk or to manually create partitions.

When I go to manually partition, the installer does not present me with the current partition table. The only option is to create a new partition table, which will once again wipe out my disk.

How do I get around this problem without being forced to rebuild my disk?


Matthew Harelick