View Full Version : [ubuntu] karmic compiz cube thinks its a wall or sumit

November 25th, 2009, 05:24 AM
hey guys, i tried things to the best of my knowledge and checked about but i think im just overlooking sumit and cant pin point what it is, i have all the cube plugins active and wall ones disactive but i still only get a 2 sided cube and i remember seeing a setting back when i was using jaunty to set a number of desktops but cant find it, any ideas what ive missed or why im stuck with two sides? ive the drivers updated and recomended ones in use,

November 25th, 2009, 05:26 AM
should add im using karmic koala even tho my profile says jaunty, should prob have changed that before i asked but anyway

November 25th, 2009, 07:05 AM
start ccsm system->preference->compizconfig setting manager

1)Click on general options in the section general
to bring up a screen with several tabs.

2)Click on the Desktop Size tab to show three sliders.

3)Set the slider Horizontal Virtual Size to 4
(this will give the cube four sides to rotate to)

4)Click on the Back button in the lower left hand corner
to return to be previous screen.

you will need to mark the check boxes of desktop cube and
rotate cube in the desktop section.

The zoom slider in the rotate cube pugin determines how
far back the camera pans from your cube or how big the
cube is.So set that to about .70 or .75 or how ever big
or small you like the cube

now you can rotate the cube by holding down ctrl+alt and
pressing the left mouse button while dragging the mouse.

That's it