View Full Version : [ubuntu] help me to connect my nokia seimens C2110 usb modem in Ubuntu

November 24th, 2009, 08:46 PM
Hi all...
I am new to linux & this forum.this is my 1st post.
Recently i installed ubuntu in my system (along with windows XP). The problem is that in ubuntu i am not able to access internet. while there is no problem in windows. My LAN is not working so i am using USB connector for connecting this C2110 modem to my system. For that i installed driver in windows. Is that necessary to install its driver in ubuntu too. Then how can i install that in ubuntu.?
While turning on the modem, it will automatically connects the s/m to net (indicating it by glowing all led lights on the modem).So the service providers didnt give any Username & Password.I search many on this forum but i didnt see any post regarding this USB connection.
How can i connect by USB modem to ubuntu. Please help to achieve this. I cant explore or stduy linux without internet.
Note :
1) This modem provides both facility for usb or LAN connetion but i am using usb connection
2) No username / password:-s
3) excepting a basically described reply, as i told earlier am new to linux.
Expecting valuable replies n suggestions...