View Full Version : [gnome] Using wired and wireless with fixed IPs

November 24th, 2009, 06:20 PM
I used to use just wireless connection on DHCP
I was able to enable wired as well, but if I had my other (WinXP) machine on there was a conflict with IP addresses. So I gave the wireless connection IP and wired
Works fine now, but how can I access my Ubuntu machine now when it could have either IP address. I would like to use a FTP program using bookmarks but I would like to avoid IP addresses.

Now hostnames are an option but how to set this up. I use a Netgear ADSL router but that does not recognize the Ubuntu's hostname. In fact it uses the same MAC address for both wired and wireless connections. That seems odd to me.

could I setup the netweok better?
How can I access this Ubuntu machine in a efficient manner?