View Full Version : [kubuntu] knetworkmanager - university cannot connect.

November 24th, 2009, 04:03 PM
I found out that the actual command for starting network-manager-gnome is nm-applet

It works for me to connect to the network at my university using WPA/TLS encryption, while knetworkmanager does not. Can anyone explain this?

KNetworkmanager has the same settings so it should also work I would say, but apparently is doesn't.

Hi, before i upgraded to 9.10 i used gnome-networkmanager because knetworkmanager refused to connect to my university's network. After upgrading to 9.10 i realised i still cannot connect. So again i am reverting back to gnome-network-manager. The post i quoted is more than a year old. Is there any progress on this issue?

Can i run some ppa version of knetworkmanager? I mean it looks good but it doesnt work.