View Full Version : [ubuntu] Two issues after installing Ubuntu

November 24th, 2009, 10:12 AM
I have just installed Ubuntu 9.10 on a x86 pc.

During the installation process, when it gets to the dis partition part, it says at the top that I have no operating systems installed or detected on this computer. I have two versions of windows on this pc. So I choose advanced and setup my Ubuntu partitions manually on preprepared empty partitions and therefore avoid touching my windows partitions. The problem is, later on when the installer installs Grub, my windows operating systems are not detected and now I can only boot Ubuntu and nothing else. I try pushing escape at the loading Grub screen but it doesn't do anything or give me a menu. I try to configure Grub manually but i do not have a menu.1st file in /boot/grub. I could probably rescue my windows boot loader by doing a repair from its installation cd, but before that I would like to see if i can get a multi-boot system working.

The second issue is that Ubuntu freezes after a few minutes of being logged in and I must restart the computer. This does not happen in Gnome failsafe mode. When in failsafe mode I used software updater to update my system, after doing that I can now login with the default mode and it no longer seems to crash.