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November 24th, 2009, 05:05 AM
So I've been planning my upgrade to 0.22, along with adding an HD-PVR and replacing my frontend hardware with a Revo. The Revo doesn't have a serial port, so my IR sensor will no longer be usable. However, the HD-PVR has an IR sensor built-in, and from what I can gather, there is support for it in lirc, but this support is kind of an in-progress thing. So I want to use Mythbuntu for my myth system, and upgrade the lirc drivers.

In this message:


Jarod talks about ways to upgrade lirc to work with the HD-PVR. However, I think his examples all pertain to Fedora. What issues are there when doing kernel builds on a specialized distribution like Mythbuntu? Years ago I did some kernel compiling, but it's been a while.

Of the four methods listed by Jarod, would any work with Mythbuntu? Which would involve the least hassle? Any pointers of what to look into more?